Sunday, August 11, 2013

{photos} point defiance zoo & aquarium

{point defiance zoo} red wolf remix
The end of July Ryan and I made a trip down to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. It was a hot day, so first order of business was to find the soft serve stand. On our way, we came across the Red Wolf exhibit (pictured above). I didn't know this, but the Red Wolf had nearly vanished from the wild in the 1970s, and by 1980 the Red Wolf population was down to 14 pure wolves. These wolves were brought to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium as part of the recovery program. Now they number over 250 and have even been reintroduced to the wild. Pretty cool.
Below are two pics of Ryan digging into his ice cream. For the double exposure shots, I layered photos I had taken of flowers at the zoo in Photoshop. HERE is the tutorial I shared fall of last year on layering two images together (if you're interested).
{point defiance zoo} ice cream {point defiance zoo} ice cream remix
These little Tufted Puffin guys were one of my favorites. So energetic. At this point the auto focus was still broken on my camera lens, but somehow managed to get one shot of them swimming (they were fast) that was mostly in focus.
{point defiance zoo} tufted puffin {point defiance zoo}  tufted puffin feet {point defiance zoo}  tufted puffin swimming {point defiance zoo} planning our root
And the highlight for me was a camel ride! It was totally on my bucket list. XOXO
{point defiance zoo} my favorite {point defiance zoo} camel ride
The shot below of Ryan in front of the aquarium was my favorite place to stand and watch the fish (and sharks) swim.
{point defiance zoo} camel | aquarium {point defiance zoo} {point defiance zoo} lunch
Our view at lunch/walking around the zoo was amazing! Mt. Rainer is a sight to behold.
{point defiance zoo} view
Another highlight was watching Kali, a baby Sumatran tiger who was born on April 17. She was so playful and cute.  Here is a short Instagram video  I took of her playing with one of the zoo keepers.....

Ryan took the two awesome photos of her below (as well as the ones of me during the camel ride : )

{point defiance zoo} kali b&w {point defiance zoo} kali {point defiance zoo} r+c
Thanks for looking! In a couple days I'll have another scrapbook video to share so stay tuned for more crafty fun. XO

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