Tuesday, December 17, 2013

{dec 16th} christmas countdown mini

{dec 16} christmas countdown mini | spread 1

Super simple but dramatic spread for Day 16. I was talking to Amanda yesterday and she mentioned that it was helpful to her to see how I had been adding in my horizontal photos into this vertical oriented book. So, I decided to go big with today's pic as another example of something fun!  The date was added with my date roller stamp, and a bow attached to help merge it into the photo. Also, the weather has been cool and very clear here in Seattle, so the sunsets are lovely.  So happy I was able to capture this. XO

{dec 16} christmas countdown mini | date {dec 16} christmas countdown mini | sunset pic


  1. I love how you split the picture into 2 pages! so creative :)

  2. this is perfect! i want to try this in my book too!!!

  3. Carrie, great blog, great work, but how does one contact you? Would really like to ask you some questions regarding your kit and your work but when I click on "contact" nothing happens so I can't get your email address or anything. Please reply here with your contact info or fix your "contact" link at the top of the page or make a blog post about how to contact you. Thanks!
    And I really, really love your stuff! Especially that Christmas countdown kit! Might buy one but really want some more info so let me know how to contact!

    1. Hi Drea! Thanks for your sweet comment : ) I checked the contact link just now and it worked fine for me, I'm sorry it's not working for you..... here's my email:


      I have exactly one kit left if you are interested. Talk to you soon, and happy holidays!

      <3 Carrie