Monday, August 4, 2014

{two girls and a kit} free summer journaling cards

Happy Monday Lovelies! I had the best weekend, and now I'm back and ready to share our Two Girls and a Kit FREE Summer Journaling Cards!  

This time round Amanda and I decided to go with two 4x4 and four 2x2 inch cards.  Most likely we'll both be using them in our 4x4 minibooks.  I designed them to match the colors and theme of our summer moodboard and recipe card.  You'll see above there is a card with a white background and black outlined text to go along with the water-coloring technique we'll be doing.  Also, in theme with the summer night sky, there are two constellations.  One is for August (the lion), and the other is for September (the virgin).

A side note about the watercolor technique.....I recently purchased a pack of the peerless watercolor papers, and have been trying my best to figure out the watercolor thing a bit more.  Being real here....I'm definitely not the best but it sure is fun!  Also, I highly recommend purchasing some of the peerless watercolors for yourself.  I've found they are MUCH easier to use than the traditional style (There will be a tutorial using them sometime this month).

A little later today, I'll be sharing Amanda's awesome summer sketch so check back soon for more inspiration.  I promise, you won't want to miss's the first I've seen of it's layout/style.  XO

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    1. carrie I downloaded the cards and extracted them from the zipped file and they will not open..... help?
      are they are different file type this time???

      1. Hi Val! I'll contact you personally too try and help : )