Tuesday, September 2, 2014

{these days} august 2014

{august 2014} summer!

The past couple month's I've tried out a the idea of taking fewer photos with my DSLR so that I'd actually make the time to edit and print them out without feeling too overwhelmed. It's been working....and so far I love it! Every one of these pictures feels so special. Of course I still have loads of photos from August in my IG feed (and I'm working on a mini album to hold all of those), but I'm excited to print these out larger than my IG pics and add them into my 2014 album.  

Anyone else find a system that works well for consistently being able to document with photos?  You can see my July in this post : )
  {august 2014} watchdog{august 2014} the fair {august 2014} 20 weeks {august 2014} waiting {august 2014} dungeness spit {august 2014} breakfast {august 2014} watching the horse show {august 2014} llli {august 2014} mom {august 2014} wind

  1. Running towards the ocean and of course I DID end up getting my feet wet, shoes and all.
  2. Our watchdog.
  3. The smallest county fair I've ever enjoyed.
  4. 20 weeks.
  5. Mom waiting in the livestock area.
  6. Moody mist and a teenager at the Dungeness Spit.
  7. Breakfast of coffehouse greek yogurt, cinnamon, and miniature chocolate chips.
  8. Watching the horse show.
  9. Our beaches here are rocky.
  10. Mom with her youngest.
  11. Wind on a hot day.


  1. I just love your photos this month! And I love that tillamook yogurt, it's the best!

  2. Nice pictures, and you really look pretty pragnent ;)