Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Class was Sweet!!!

Here is a pic of the Winter Wonderland Class at Pink Pineapple last night. We ate cookies, and pie, and scrapbooked with some great ladies! Thanks, Kathy!!!..for bringing the sweets!

Last weekend Ryan and I went to the Wild Animal Park for their Festival of Lights.

It was very festive....We were only there for an hour, but it was nice to just walk around the park, at night, with our scarfs, and mittens, and the cool air making our cheeks pink. It had just rained, before we arrived, so the ground reflected all the Christmas lights...it was so pretty!!! I am sad because the Wild Animal Park is not doing it again next year...they will be moving it to the San Diego Zoo. Oh, well....I'm sure it will still be sparkly.

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