Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Christmas Sarah!

So, I mailed a Christmas present to my sister today. She wanted a gift card, so I mailed it in this cute little tin....

You can see a couple more pics of it here. I used glitter felt from Michaels, some paper post-its I found at Target a while ago, Hambly Transparency in Brocade Magenta, and Hambly Patchwork Paper White on Silver Metallic. I sewed the glitter felt to the backsides of the post-it paper, and wha-la!!!!....A little book ATC size that fits perfectly inside the tin!!!


  1. Only you could make a gift card cute...and where's the pics of ireland? i thought you were gonna upload them every day. c'mon, get with it so we can all be envious.

  2. its adorable Carrie. Have a great trip!