Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fairy's do exist...

I saw lots of little fairies last weekend. My friend, Gloria, took me to the sweetest event! Here are a couple of my favorite pics:

Other than all the cute little fairies prancing around, one of coolest things I saw, were all the fairy gardens! I totally LOVE nature!...so, seeing all these minature gardens was so great!

We met the beautiful and talented Emily Falconbridge there, and her daughter made this perfect fairy garden:

Emily even let me borrow her fairy dress to wear! Thank you, Emily!


  1. Yaaay ,, a new post. And how much cuter can it be with all the fairies?? Love the little garden pics, too!!

  2. soooo cute! I love that you were able to go! your dress is awesome!

  3. thank you for coming and being a special part of my day...G

  4. so sad i missed this event ~ looks amazing!!!