Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Elsie Inspired" Layout for The Pink Ninjas!!!

The Pink Ninjas have done it again! I think this has to be my favorite challenge totally have to love any layout that is inspired by the amazing Elsie!!! You can check them all out HERE, on The Pink Ninja Blog. Each layout has its own special "Elsie like" charm.....

Here is what I came up with:

Pink Ninja "Elsie Inspired" Challenge Layout

Pink Ninja "Elsie Inspired" Layout Close

I almost immediately decided to use this photo of my sister, Sarah. We were on a hike, out in the middle of nowhere, in the beautiful state of WA, chatting, laughing, exploring.....and my sister's boyfriend decided her beanie needed some embellishment. He then proceeded to stick leaves, and flowers into the backside, making her the cutest headdress!!! Of course, I had to take a photo, and now it has found its home.....on a layout that holds a fond memory of an adventure with my sister :)

It took forever, but I sewed ALL the buttons on this layout. I was inspired by a layout from the Love, Elsie Recipe Box , called "Dreamer".....the buttons are layered with Prima pebbles and flowers, and I cut the little pink trim out of paper. This was such a fun project to do!!! I highly recommend finding your "Inner Elsie", and playing along with this challenge!


  1. wasn't this so fun?? Love that you sewed all those buttons!!'s so happy and cheerful!!!..your sisters picture is perfect!!!

  2. U rocked the buttons on this one!! fun lo

  3. your LO is so AMAZING!! love all the details!

  4. The payout is freaking amazing..I love the new banner..You are so perfect..thank you