Monday, December 14, 2009

Pure Goodness!!! of the sweetest girls I know gave me this.....

Thanks, Nely!!!

  1. Where is your cell phone? - Next to me
  2. Your hair? - Dark for now
  3. Your Mother? - Beautiful, patient, and loving
  4. Your Father? - The most understanding person I know
  5. Your favorite food? - Steak, 1,000 Island dressing, and Hershey Candy Cane Kisses
  6. Your dream last night? - Colorful
  7. Your favorite drink? - Mulled Apple Cider, and Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea (It's a tie)
  8. Your dream / goal? - To live a happy full life with Ryan
  9. What room are you in? - Living room
  10. Your hobby? - Scrapbooking, Photography, Singing, Exercise
  11. Your fear? - Not having my own home
  12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? - Enjoying life with Ryan, 2 kids, working from home, and visiting my family in WA LOTS!!!
  13. Where were you last night? - With Ryan's family in Temecula :)
  14. Something you aren't? - Fast
  15. Muffins? - Oatmeal....yummy!!!
  16. Wish list item? - Kenner Road Kit
  17. Where did you grow up? - Sequim, WA (it's sooo green!!!)
  18. Last thing you did? - Make barrettes
  19. What are you wearing? - Really soft cotton
  20. Your TV? - Watching "Angel of Death" (Zoe Bell ROCKS!!!)
  21. Your pets? - A red and white basenji named Gatsby
  22. Friends? - They are all so wonderful!!!
  23. Your life? - Full
  24. Your mood? - Peaceful
  25. Missing someone? - I miss my family in WA and Utah everyday...
  26. Vehicle? - Charcoal Grey Ford F-150
  27. Something your not wearing? - Shoes
  28. Your favorite store? - I love Dick Blick!
  29. Your favorite color? - Green
  30. The last time you laughed? - Last night to the "Penguins of Madagascar Christmas Caper" :)
  31. The last time you cried? - From a dream a couple nights ago
  32. Your best friend? - Ryan....but I also consider my girlfriends my family, so I guess they are all kind of the best of friends!
  33. One place that I go to over and over? - Target
  34. Facebook? - No...Thinking about Twitter, though....
  35. Favorite place to eat? - It depends on what kind of food I favorite pizza is "Oggies" the crust!!!, I'm not tagging any of the following blogs....I just think they will be really inspiring for YOU right now:
  1. Elsie (has some really fun gift ideas and DIY Projects for the holidays)
  2. Mibo (has print at home projects that are adorable)
  3. How About Orange (has lots of simple, fun holiday projects to try)
  4. Skunkboy Creatures (a really cute Etsy shop....and check out her blog HERE....there is a really fun photo shoot HERE )
  5. Red Velvet Art (some of the best handmade gifts)


  1. oh! I love those candy cane kisses!!!..i'm finishing my second bag!!! they are so yummy!!!

  2. those kisses are the best ever!!! got a bag today at target- yummmmm