Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lovely Pink her favorite color.  Ryan's niece had a birthday recently, and I decided to make her a sweet pink and white paper garland. 

Sweet Pink Garland

To me these paper garlands are just perfect.....I first saw them on Debee Campos' beautiful blog.....she is so inspiring!!!  And now I can't stop making happy :)  I even bought this packaging from her Etsy.  It was just right for holding the delicate garland.....

Pink Garland Wrapping

Have a lovely day!
<3 Carrie


  1. the garland is beautiful!!..i'm sure ryan's niece loved it!!..i loved the debee campos packaging...i got my paper kit in the mail today from her..i'm so excited to open it!!

  2. I love it,,,its just so pretty and sweet..great job and I cant wait till my birthday...

  3. carrie! you are AMAZING!!!!!
    what a beautiful garland :)
    love love love it!!!!
    you make pretty things my dear, :)
    have a happy friday!