Monday, February 22, 2010


.....have found their way to my workspace.  I had the Pink Ninja Addicts Kit *Mommy's Little Monster* laid out in front of me, my nephew, and brother's girlfriend Cidney.  Earlier in the day we ran a couple errands for supplies, and now we're deciding what product to use in our creations.  Here is what Cidney came up with:

Cid Sky Terrarium

Cid Sky Terrarium Collage

Any my nephew:

Nephew Bowling Terrarium

Bowling Terrarium CollaPNA Cid Terrarium Full Sge

We were all really happy with the finish projects, and making them was really simple.  Here's what you need.....
  • Glass container with loose fitting lid (also the top opening of the container should not be to small, as close to the size of the rest of it as possible.....otherwise too much moisture gets trapped)
  • Glass pebbles (from Michaels, or regular small rocks from your backyard)
  • Horticulture charcoal (this stuff turns everything black, use gloves)
  • Moss (we dug up moss from my backyard, but you can get it at home depot, or a garden store)
  • Spray bottle
  • Liquid fertilizer (i used miracle grow)
  • Mommy's Little Monster Kit
First we added the pebbles into the glass containers, then the horticulture charcoal, then the moss.  We added cute embellishments (from the *Mommy's Little Monster* Kit) to create scenes on the moss, decorate the lids, and add rub-ons to our spray bottles.  Once we were done, I added a little liquid miracle grow to some water in a spray bottle, and misted the moss.  Done. Easy.  Love it!

If you want more inspiration:

Here is a link to the Pink Ninja Addicts Blog.  They show new projects every day.
Here is a link to the Martha Stewart Woodland Terrarium.

If any of you a terrarium pic to share, I would love to see it :-)

Have a great week!

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  1. Carrie~i know i've said this a million times, but i just want you to know that i am so lucky to have you as a be able to be in your creative world is amazing!!! you inspire me soooo much!!!...and thanks for helping with the spray paint splatter on my layout!!!..your're the best!!!