Monday, April 5, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!

Mini Journals Collage

These are my most recent creations with the Pink Ninja Addicts *Accidently Kelly Street* kit.  Aren't the colors beautiful!  Ally, handmade the beautiful fabric flowers that come in the kit, and all I did was add the cute little flair in the middle :)

The mini composition book on the top is a *Gnome Travel Journal* I made for a friend that is taking a trip to Italy for her birthday.  When I saw the gnome flair I thought of a part in the movie "Amelie" where she takes the gnome from her Dad's yard (without him knowing) and sends him photos of the gnome traveling all over the world (she wants her Dad to get out more).....anyways, I though the gnome situation was a cute idea.....or at least fun :)

The little book on the bottom of the collage is a *Mad Hatter Journal* for my niece.  She loves the Mad Hatter in the new "Alice In Wonderland" movie, and her favorite color is, this was my contribution to her Easter basket.  She gave me a big hug and smile when she opened it.  It was nice.

I'm off to meet a friend for some fun!  Happy Monday!


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