Friday, April 9, 2010

Rosy Easter Kit

Rosy Easter Kit Basket

I have been a bit under the weather, but mostly busy making lots of fun I have lots to share in the next week or so.  The feeling of completing a project is very fulfilling, so my life has felt very full lately.  It's nice :)

First I would like to share with you my Rosy Easter Kit.  The photo above is a version of the Easter Basket I put together for my beautiful friend Jane.  My contribution to our Easter basket exchange this past Tuesday at Creators' Circle.  We had a fun meeting.  Here is a peek at what's inside.....  

Rosy Easter Kit

.....Some pretty paper embellishments, a vase with flowers, handmade tags, ribbon, bakers twine, a pin with peals, clothespin, silk flower clip, handmade fabric and paper tag minibook, and a piece of ladybug tissue paper.  I ended up making quite a few of these little kits for friends, and family this year.  I have been trying t give more home made gifts this year :)

And here are some of the details.....

Rosy Easter Kit Collage

I am going out with some friends for Indian food this evening...never had it before, but I love trying new things (even though I'm a picky eater).  Hope your weekend is fantastic!


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