Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homemade *Trinkets*

homemade *trinkets*

Made these little trinkets to slip inside a friend's card for her birthday.....
  1. two small tags
  2. mini star garland
  3. thick brown and white bakers twine
  4. a tiny flag with the letter "A"
I figured she could use them on a scrapbook layout, to wrap a pretty package, or some other handmade crafty piece of fun : ) 

And today is the perfect day in San Diego to sit at home and just make stuff all day!  It has been pouring down rain since late last night, and right now I can hear the sound of raindrops outside my open windows.  The most fragrant cinnamon, caramel spicy scented candle is making me hungry for baked goodies, and I'm sipping my sweet and spicy hot tea in a beautiful mug with pale vines crawling up the sides.  I think after this post I'm going to work on a new design (currently mulling around in my head) for my "Fall Flutters" wreath.....and then start making a list of handmade Christmas presents for this year (I know I'm behind schedule, but whatev....).

See ya tomorrow!!!
<3 Carrie