Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter

*a walk through a pine tree forest*

Heart Flutter #1 ~ A wonderful afternoon with Ryan.  I am still daydreaming about this beautiful place.  We visited the San Diego Safari Park because we wanted to do something "Fallish", so a walk through their botanical gardens was perfect.  And it was a great day for it too.  It was a little misty and overcast, so I wore a scarf, hat and mittens, Ryan a sweater, and once we arrived there he grabbed a warm mocha too.  It was divine.  All the orange on the ground, the cool air in our lungs making our cheeks pink.  The sound of the babbling brook that followed us most of the way.  Creaky wooden bridges and old benches.  Lush fern gardens, an occasional lily pond, AND a sweet baby elephant!  Take a look.....

our path

a small pond

a babbling brook

lots and lots of ferns

my sweetie

wooden bridge

tall pine trees

a comfy bench

a baby elephant

Heart Flutter #2 ~ Dark Reese's.  I am in love with this dark chocolate and peanut butter heaven!!!

Heart Flutter #3 ~ This movie.....

You have to watch the trailer.....

The Secret of Kells  is dark and mysterious, light filled with hope and strength, and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and rich to watch.  Honestly I had no idea it even existed until it recently became available for instant viewing on Netflix.  And the timing was perfect, since this San Diego weather has been reminding me of our trip to Ireland a couple years ago.  We actually had plans while there to see The Book of Kells, but couldn't because it's room was under renovation.....but back to the point, I think this movie is pretty special, and that's about it for today and my current obsessions.  See ya tomorrow!!!

Enjoy your evening!
<3 Carrie

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  1. I have been to San Diego Safari Park a billion and one times but your pictures make it look like a enchanted trail!!!! Amazing! We may go on Friday!

    ~The Mama Monster