Monday, November 22, 2010

Feeling Thankful

(Our Project Monday will be up sometime today over at Bubblegum Life, if you want to check it out.)
Well, Thanksgiving is only three days from today!  Crazy.  Crazy cool.  This means that soon Ryan will be enjoying a long weekend.  We will be peeling lots of potatoes (we are bringing mashed potatoes and gravy to Thanksgiving dinner with his family).  Drinking lots of wine.  Watching a Christmas movie or two.  Making plans for December.  And I will probably be hanging some Christmas decorations, and hopefully making homemade peppermint ice cream.  Yummy.  Today I am thankful for holiday plans.

Last night I talked to one of my sisters in Sequim, and it's been snowing there.  We made make believe plans as if I was visiting, and we were snowed in.  Vanilla chai and crafts by the fire.  Baking muffins.  Building a snowman.....I so wish I was there with my family.  It's a fact.  But lately when I think of this fact, I am also reminded of how much I love being here.....where I am now.  So, it makes it easier.  Kind of like a realization that helps me feel peaceful.  Now I can daydream about snow angels with a big smile.  And so today I am thankful for that too.  Anyone out there making snow angels today???
I also wanted to thank those of you who shared your music recommendations from last Wednesday's post.  I have been enjoying listening to new music, and so I am also really thankful for you too : )

I hope you all have the best week!
Lots of love and thanks,


  1. LOVE this!! And I love your blog aswell! :) Thanks for a lot of inspiration! Have a lovely day!