Friday, March 4, 2011

The Best Mocha

*the best mocha*

This yummy indulgance is just one of the highlights of my week.  It may sound silly, but I can honestly say that the mochas made at Cafe Zucchero are the best in all of San Diego to me.  I had met with sweet Jane at this lovely cafe in Little Italy to go over some blog design stuff I'd recently done for her.  It was overcast and dreary.  Kinda felt like it could rain.  I was excited because I just had my hair cut and styled a few blocks away.  We ordered our espresso, and sat at a table outside on their patio.....I took a sip of my mocha and I don't even know how to describe how much it made my senses sparkle.  Jane and I had pleasant conversation, enjoying our drinks and this place.  By the time we were done, the clouds were completely gone and the sky was blue.  What a change.  I took off the sweater I had been wearing and walked the block to my truck.  The sun was warm on my face, and my cheeks were flushed from what little caffeine was in my decaf mocha. The rest of my day was nice, and I was out running errands till late.  So it felt great to get a lot done away from home that day.  My week has been filled with things that leave me feeling blessed and looking forward to the future.  So right now I'm thinking about the possibilities of this weekend.....<3 Carrie

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  1. Gotta love days like that!!!! That mocha looks ridiculously yummy!!!! I'm gonna have to try that place!