Friday, March 4, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

Hello lovely photographer's!  Nely was sweet enough to join us for another photo prompt this week, and boy do we have a intriguing one for you today!!!  They are all over the scrapbook world right now, and I'm sure an inspiration for a lot of us all the way back to their vintage roots.....the prompt for today is:


Nely's Suliette

O.K.  So, I know I kinda cheated because only parts of Nely's pretty profile is in silhouette.  But honestly out of all the photos I took for this photo prompt, this one made me genuinely smile!  I love how the focus of the lens makes it where she was at that exact moment was truly beautiful.  At least that's what I see.....the wind in her hair, the sunset in her face, that sparkle in her eye : )  And now I have all these ideas in my head of different ways I want to take some full silhouette photos!  Who knows, I might even get to take some of them this weekend......and if I do I'll add them to our Flickr group for you to see of course <3

And can you even believe how awesome Nely's photo is!!!.....

This past Sunday I had a super fun photo shoot with miss Carrie!!  She took photos of me all day!  As the sun was coming down we decided to capture our silhouette pictures.  I love that I was able to capture this picture of Carrie in movement!  The sun was was setting and the lighting was just perfect!!  I will definitely be taking more of these!!

Love, Carrie and Nely

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  1. ooh yeah!! Silhouettes are some of my all time fav kind of photos!! love them ladies