Saturday, October 29, 2011

murdock beach

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Tonight I took some time to edit photos from a wonderful day trip with my Dad this past Spring. I was visiting my family in Washington, and our trip to Murdock Beach is one of my favorite memories!

*murdock beach* {2}
There's no sign or even street name for the turn off to this beach, so finding it was a little tricky.....but we did it! And once parked, we walked over the cutest bridge and through a forest filled with bare trees covered in moss.  The ground was covered in leaves, moss and all sorts of greenery, and as we walked towards where the trees opened up to the ocean, the sun streamed through some of the trees casting the coolest glow.....

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The weather was perfect. Overcast, then sunny, then a bit of sprinkling just before we left.   Here's the view from the forest looking across the can see Canada in the distance since the sun had come out for this shot.....

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Once we reached the rocky beach my Dad and I walked along the water looking for fossils. This beach supposedly has more fossils than any other in this area. We ended up seeing quite a few of them withough really realizing it (hense no specific photo of them).....they looked like a rock inside a rock to us, LOL!

*murdock beach* {8} *murdock beach* {9}
My bootprint in the sand.....

*murdock beach* {10}
My my Dad took this photo of me. We had so much fun!!! I love this place!  <3 Carrie

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  1. I love the one of the rocks across the water (before the one you took of your dad) near the end! Looks like a fun place to visit.

  2. Stumbled across your blog this morning and saw this post. I have to admit my heart skipped a beat when I saw that forest. I kind of have a soft spot for moss-covered anything. :) Definitely beautiful spot (and photos, of course!).

    It reminded me of a little spot near where I live that is really a man-made lake but there's little hidden spots that look like this. I think I might have just made some plans for this weekend! lol

  3. so gorgeous! I dream to visit washington one day! We spent on honeymoon on beaches like this in Minnesota where I live and I can't wait to go through the pictures!