Friday, October 28, 2011



Today has been a day for reflection. I woke up a little early. Did the first bit of Tai Chi in a while (which I have to admit, made me feel better later rather than sooner....I was a bit shaky). Practising Tai Chi helps me feel balanced.  Both physically and emotionally.....which is desperately needed right now because I miss my family so much lately it hurts.....and feeling like this throws everything off. So today I decided was going to be different. Not necessarily better, but a day for positive change.

*out on the lawn*

I'm waiting for the shakiness to wear off before I start my Friday cleaning routine and in the mean time chose to make my heart smile a bit, so I'm editing photos from this past Spring that make me happy : )

*making invitations*

These paint splatter pics are from a sunny Springtime afternoon, and the first step in the process of designing THESE invitations.  The little girl the invites were for, had picked out the paint colors and helped with the splatter out on her front lawn.....

*the colors she picked*

And now here I am typing up this blog post, and daydreaming about plans, and goals for the rest of this year leading into next with my partner in crime, my Ryan.  In the past couple years my personal goals and plans have always been a let down because of my health getting in the way.  Today, my head is spinning from new hopes and dreams and things seem clear.  It feels like I've learned a lot about what I'm capable of right now, and I hope to only become stronger with who I've become.  So, for now I little therapeutic photo editing.....and in a bit I'll write out my new goals, clean the house, and make some homemade limeade from limes given to me by a dear friend.  Enjoy your weekend!  <3 Carrie

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  1. so happy the horizion is glowing in front of you! these paint splatters make me feel all kinds of inspired!