Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{about town} with stephanie | part 1

Today I thought it would be fun to share part 1 of my last adventure with Stephanie. I had driven to her place, and we spent the first part of our day thrifiting, visiting a local flower shoppe, and enjoying milkshakes with our lunch (Steph had chocolate, and I had strawberry.....mine is blurry in the foreground of one of the photos below).  During our thrifting adventure we both thought the lime green wall at the Antique Barn made the perfect photo backdrop, so I snapped a couple pics of her to start off our photo taking for the day.....and to make our fun day even better we both found some real gems while thrifting (I don't have any photos of mine to share today, but I am sure they will eventually make it into photos for you to see).  Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 : )  <3 Carrie

{antique} barn {shoppe} flowers {lunch} with Stephanie {flower} shoppe


  1. She is gorgeous!
    And that wall is such a fun color for a backdrop.
    (She is the one you recently posted about that you designed her blog for her, correct? I remember hopping over to her blog and enjoying reading a bit as well as looking at the fun desing.)

    Splendid flowers too! =)

    1. Hi Sarah! Yep, it's the same girl.....we used the photos of her from this day as inspiration for her blog design. It was really fun!!!

  2. it was soo much fun i miss you!!!

    Steph at MCB