Monday, April 23, 2012

{over} the weekend

{over} the weekend
Boy, do I feel like a lucky girl : )  Over the weekend, Ryan, the puppies and I took a trip to visit my family in was pretty much heaven.  My brother, Benji was in town on business from Utah, and so all but one of us siblings were together.

Friday evening, we made the trek across the ferry and saw these sights with light from the magic hour.....

I hope to document a lots of the "firsts" since our big move here.  Even though they are things I've done before, it will be the first time since actually becoming a resident and therefore that much more exciting.  So, above is our first ferry ride, trip across the Hood Canal Bridge, as well as that moment of relief and happiness when we saw the "welcome to Sequim" sign (it's the blurry photo taken from the car with the statue of the elk).

Saturday started out with a walk from my sister Amber's house down the street to a local bakery.  We walked by a cherry blossom tree in bloom and I snapped two with Amber and Ponyo in the background, and the other looking down at all the petals covering the ground.  From there we head over to meet up with the gang at my mother's house, and started the mini road trip back to Seattle for a Mariner's baseball game.  The pic of downtown Seattle was taken from the ferry deck.  We had walked onto the ferry instead of driving.  And have I mentioned that in the week and a half since we moved here we've only had a day and a half of rain?!?  Crazy.  I love the rain, but the pretty blue sky is still nice because of that cold Washington breeze.  The ball game was I have to honestly say a little boring to watch, but still made fun with cheddar bratwurst for lunch, good conversation, and lots of smiles from being with Ryan, my siblings, and papa.  I do however, have to add in that the last inning was pretty fun because the White Socks pitcher ended up pitching Major League Baseball's 21st Perfect Game of all time.  Benji is a big sports fan, and purchased a baseball which we all signed to remember the occasion.....pretty cool.  Needless to say the ferry ride back to Bainbridge Island was filled with lots of happiness, laughter, and people taking photos of people taking photos (inside joke)..... 

Sunday Ryan was off embracing his Washingtonian side, and I happily started the day with a breakfast business planning session with my mother and Amber at the Sunshine Cafe.  The view of the mountains being so close in Sequim is amazing, so once we arrived back at my mother's house I snapped a pic of them from her yard.  After Ryan returned, he the puppies and I headed back to Seattle and made it just in time for a barbecue with a couple of his cousins.  While waiting for the food, we played croquet, picked out drink labels (he's *intense* and I'm a *geek*), and listened to music.  I ate the biggest plate of food I think ever, and even had left over beans for breakfast this was sooo good!

And that pretty much sums up my happy weekend.  I hope you have a lovely week!  <3 Carrie


  1. Carrie, I'm so jealous of all your firsts! Ferry rides, baseball games, and family, it all sounds amazing. Most of all, I'm jealous of Seattle and its overcast and rainy days. Those are the kind of days I live for, plus, it's great for my complexion.

  2. I love love love this! So happy for you Carrie and can't wait to hear more about you adventures!