Friday, May 11, 2012

{april 28} week in the life

{april 28} Saturday Saturday was such a fun day for all of us! We spent the morning driving around town to check out all the garage sales, had lunch at Sunny Farms (tomato bisque soup, deviled eggs, and coconut water for me), more garage sailing, we drove past a house that my sister Sarah wants to buy (it's super cute!).....and honestly, I remember sitting the the back seat of my mom's olive colored jeep, surrounded by all but one of my sisters (we miss her) and my mama, thinking to myself how lucky I am to be here right now. It was while we were eating lunch in the Sunny Farm's parking lot, everyone was chattering, my baby sister was making us laugh, and it was just easy, and fun to be there.

The rest of the afternoon entailed the carry through of our hanging basket plans, so we made the trip to Home Depot, picked out our flowers and went back to my mom's house. We spread everything out in her giant backyard. Here's a close-up of my finished basket (my first homemade hanging basket!).....

{april 28} my finished basket And all the pieces I used to put it together.....

{april 28} the pieces
At one point, Amber and I went back to her place where she planted some flowers in pots by her front door. She has a new all black kitty named Lodi who was the best little helper! I also snapped a couple pics of a special friend, one of her duckies named Little Fella. Little Fella is actually a girl, but we didn't know that when she was born. She is special too all of us because she was the first to hatch in their incubator while I was visiting during the Spring of 2011.  I woke up early that morning to a peep coming from one of the eggs (the incubator was in my room), ran into Amber's room to wake her with the news.....and a few hours later out came Little Fella!  <3 Carrie

{april 28} little fella {april 28} duckies {april 28} amber potting {april 28} amber potting at home {april 28} lodi {april 28} amber and her helper {april 28} lodi after a roll in the dirt {april 28} dahlias
{april 28} mom planting
{april 28} my basket

P.S. I'll have the last of my *week in the life* pictures up at noon today :D

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