Thursday, May 24, 2012

{travel} journal | my hometown

{travel journal} cover
So far I've shared the travel journal pages I've created for Val HERE, and Renee HERE, but hadn't shown the book I created yet. My theme is *your hometown* with the idea being that I wanted to document things to remember about San Diego before moving to Seattle. Here are the prompts I came up with.....

1. Scrap a photo of yourself with your name:
{travel journal} your name {travel journal} hi i'm carrie
For each prompt, I created a custom page protector (using my paper cutter and sewing machine) to hold a thin strip of paper with the prompt text on the front and the order number on the back. The base of each page is plain white paper. I wanted all the inserts to really pop! Here's an example.....

2. Add in a postcard from your hometown and write a list of places you go for running errands around town on the back:
{travel journal} postcard {travel journal} san diego postcard {travel journal} list of places for running errands
3. Add in a take-out menu from one of your favorite restaurants and scrap around a favorite dish (I really miss Chronic Tacos right now.....soooo good!) :
{travel journal} restaurant menu {travel journal} chronic tacos {travel journal} potato tacos
4. Scrap on top of a photo of a favorite relaxing spot:
{travel journal} rexaling spot {travel journal} coffee shop
5. Add a piece of map from your hometown inside one of the pockets, throw in some homemade confetti, and machine or hand stitch shut:
 {travel journal} piece of map {travel journal} confetti {travel journal} ca map
6. Scrap your favorite *just for fun* places around town for each season:
{travel journal} seasonal activities {travel journal} seasonal activities
7. Use a heart on your page and list at least five things *i want to remember* about where you live:
{travel journal} i want to remember {travel journal} things to remember
8. Embroider the name of your hometown:
{travel journal} embroider your hometown {travel journal} encinitas
9. Scrap a photo of a silhouette at sunset with the time and date:
{travel journal} sunset silhouette {travel journal} sunset silhouette
10. Scrap a piece of the earth from your hometown:
{travel journal} piece of your hometown {travel journal} backyard sand
A big thank you to Marlene, Val and Renee for asking me to join in on this project! I now have my travel journal returned to me filled with all their lovely pages and it's a treasure. <3 Carrie


  1. You're a genius, I have to make this for my travels! It looks super cool.

  2. I really loved your book! I loved all the threads hanging around so much!

  3. Carrie, I love your journal it looks like you...pretty fresh and just lovely..I hope you and Ryann are happy and I am happy that your with your mom...You need your mom, we all do.. I hope your well and congratulations on your move...

  4. I've recently gotten back into scrapbooking. I used to do it in college - making collages from magazine clippings to create new designs - but I fell out of it. While watching the Breakfast Club last week, I starting scrapbooking again and I loved it. This just inspired me to make one about me hometown - Ft. Lauderdale. I could fill an entire book on the memories and things I love there.

    Have an awesome weekend! It sounds like you have a lot planned from what you described in your comment on my blog. Take lots of pictures!

  5. Gosh I just adore this!! :) thanks for sharing. You've inspired me to get crafty again.

  6. This is so amazing I cried a little because it makes me miss you!! I love how you sewed all your thickers !! I want some chronic tacos now :)

  7. So cute!! Feels like it's been forever since I've made a mini album!