Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{autumn} wishlist

{autumn} wishlist
  • Sew my first quilt (go on a hunt for fabric with my Mom HERE)
  • Drink lots of hot tea for breakfast
  • Burn lots of Fall scented candles
  • Make beeswax candles
  • Sew my first dress
  • Make a dreamcatcher
  • Teach my first scrapbook class in Seattle
  • Create art for my bedroom wall
  • Alter my bedroom pillow cases to make them super cute
  • Design and shoot Amber's pregnancy photoshoot in Winthrop
  • Take lots of pictures of Fall color (I'm so excited for the change of season here!)
  • Make homemade sweet potato soup
  • Send my San Diego friends sweet snail mail
  • Save up for saddle shoes
  • Go on a coffee date with my Dad
  • Go thrifting in Port Angeles
  • Plant Fall flowers (already done HERE)
  • Wear some of my new vintage dresses
  • Have lots of craft dates with my Mom
  • Carve pumpkins with my brother and sisters
  • Revamp this little blog with a new design
  • Have lots of fun with Ryan and the puppies xo!
>>> I'm also thinking about reading a good book in my spare time.  Have any suggestions?  It has to be exciting because I get bored easily.....and I'm not opposed to books for teens if it's a fun read.  Right now I'm contemplating Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. <<<
     (Photo taken by Ryan)


  1. I love to-do lists. Making candles would be a lot of fun. I write to snail mails pals. So much fun. I've been exchanging postcards with people on a smashbooking group on FB.

  2. What about teaching an ONLINE scrapbooking class? I would definitely take it, that's for damn sure!