Monday, October 1, 2012

{make your own} autumn hanging basket

{autumn} hanging basket
I don't know about you, but I just love Fall color! Today I'll be sharing how I put together a simple Autumn hanging basket that now sits next to my front door, adding colorful cheer.

{hanging basket} supplies
Supplies I used:
  • Hanging basket with liner
  • Fall/Winter plants and flowers (I used ornamental kale, violas, pansies, and heather - make sure to pick out plants and flowers with similar sun and water requirements)
  • Extra soil with fertilizer
  • Hand shovel
  • Garden gloves
  • Water

{the four corners}
  1. Put on your gardening gloves.  Using your hand shovel, add some of the extra soil to the base of your hanging basket with liner.  You want the flowers/plants with attached soil to be just under the height of the basket edge.
  2. Divide your flowers and plants into four corners and place in the hanging basket till full.  Usually I like to balance the color with the brightest on opposite corners.
  3. Fill in the edges around your flowers and plants with the extra soil till the hanging basket has no more space.  Pat down with your fingers till soil is firm.  Top off with more soil if needed.
  4. Water and hang to enjoy.  All done.
{kale and violas} {heather & pansies} {fall} color


  1. This is so pretty! I especially love the color of that heather... breathtaking!

  2. Nice. I was looking for some heather ideas.