Thursday, December 13, 2012

{december daily} days 11 & 12

{december daily} day 11
On Tuesday I was finally able to start wrapping up presents. I used THIS tutorial from A Beautiful Mess to make the ornaments that I'm using as gift tags for this year. The only thing I changed is that I stamped my letters with the medium tip sharpie paint pen and a foam letter stamp set, and then also used the extra fine tip sharpie paint pen for the embellishment around the initial. I have a very shaky hand so drawing around the initials was difficult for me.....But I'm happy to say I managed and am kinda loving how they turned out. Now I can't wait to finish up more handmade gifts so I can continue wrapping!

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Yesterday I wanted to tell the story of the puppies and how much they love their new blankets. Ryan's Mom handmade and mailed two, one for each of them. It's one of my favorite things right watch Ponyo and Gatsby enjoy these soft gifts.  XO

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{december daily} day 12 {december daily} day 12 sleepy


  1. I love the clay ornaments you made! I pinned those from ABM but haven't had the chance to make them. Cute dog photo too. :)

    Jenn V

  2. I love the ornaments you made! The initials are beautiful!

  3. Great job on those ornaments!
    They look lovely.

    Plus, personal touches and thoughtful details make gifts so much more meaningful!

    And, aw...sweet sleepy pups.

  4. Your ornaments are beautifully done - your parcels looks so inviting! And I love your layout above with the puppies. The way you've done the title and lettering is very clever and sooo stylish. :)

  5. Love the clay ornaments, LOVE the batman paper. Your december daily is so light and fresh and fun, I am really enjoying it.

  6. I totally love the detail of tying gifts with string! It's one more layer of fun to take off and unveil a gift!

  7. This is super cute! I will be flying home (Florida) for Christmas so I had all my presents shipped. I'm arriving this Friday and I will be in FULL wrapping mode!

  8. the clay ornaments are amazing. I saw the same tutorial on A Beautiful Mess and wanted to make them. Fun seeing all of your December happenings.