Saturday, March 2, 2013

{photoshoot} a&w

{photoshoot} amber
So, my sister Amber is going to be having a baby in a few days and we are all super excited! Two weekends ago, she and her husband posed for a few photos next to the creek behind their moms backyard.   These are some of my favorite shots.  This is my second pregnancy photoshoot with Amber and you can see her first one taken in the Fall HERE and HERE.  I Can't wait for our family to all be together again to share in this special time.  XO

{photoshoot} a&w together {photoshoot} a&w {photoshoot} a&w profile {photoshoot} a&w <3 {photoshoot} a&w rings {photoshoot} a&w precious {photoshoot} a&w happy {photoshoot} a&w the kiss {photoshoot} a&w listening


  1. Cute photos! You might want to check out the Glitz Design blog today!! ;)

  2. so beautiful! your such a good photographer carrie!

  3. I'm seeing this a week after it was published and am wondering.. did she have it? Did she have her baby? What an exciting time it must be in your family!

  4. Oh my gosh Carrie, these are so gorgeous. I'm jealous of your lush, green landscape for backdrops. ;) Its a little bit dry and flat on this side of the state. You did an awesome job!