Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{marlene's} travel journal

{marlene's} travel journal | full pages
Above are some of the full pages from my blogger friend, Marlene's travel journal. I recently completed the prompts she chose for her lovely book and mailed it back to her. Here's my take on her prompts:
1. My favorite scrapbook company
{marlene's} travel journal | favorite scrapbook supplies
2. Childhood memories (my GI Joe action figures use to ride my My Little Ponies)
{marlene's} travel journal | childhood memories
3. My favorite recipe (I'm a drink over food person.....the photo opens up with recipe inside like a little book)
{marlene's} travel journal | favorite recipe
4. My favorite TV shows
{marlene's} travel journal | favorite tv
5. My idea of cute (again, the flap opens up with the description for each photo on this page)
{marlene's} travel journal | cute
6. My favorite books (yep, that's me with black hair)
{marlene's} travel journal | favorite books
7. A postcard from my hometown (and a ferry voucher)
{marlene's} travel journal | postcard
8. My favorite color

{marlene's} travel journal | favorite color

There are two other travel journals I completed back in 2012 with my fun group of blogger friends.

You can see my pages in Val's Travel Journal HERE.

And my pages in Renee's Travel Journal HERE.  XO

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  1. I love your travel journal it looks so cute and beautiful as well.

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