Monday, December 2, 2013

{december 1st} christmas countdown mini

{december 1st} minibook | page 1Happy December 2nd! I'm going to try my hardest to share the pages in my Christmas Countdown Mini each day leading up to Christmas, but realistically I'm sure I'll miss a few depending on how busy things are : )
Today I get to share the story of picking out our Christmas tree from December 1st!
{december 1} our tree | ryan
Everything I used for this spread is from the Christmas Countdown Kit, except the date stamp and black ink.
Also, I went through my supplies and put together one more kit which you can purchase HERE.  A BIG thanks to everyone who purchased a kit.....all your wonderful support and positive feedback!!!
{december 1st} minibook | date {december 1} our tree | close
I added journaling with my typewriter to tell the story of our tree.  We arrived at the Christmas tree lot knowing we wanted a white flocked tree, and promptly picked one out after lightly perusing all the different colors of flocked options.
{december 1st} minibook | journaling {december 1st} minibook | page 2
Ryan came back a couple minutes later after paying for our tree, and I promptly asked him to take a pic of me with it (see below).
{december 1} our tree | original choice
Well, after he was done taking my photo, he grinned really big and said "surprise......I bought the blue one!" (see below).
{december 1} our tree | final purchase {december 1st} minibook | reindeer
Super fun, right!?!  Well, I wanted to add in pics from both trees, so I took two pieces of the white 4x6" sheets, trimmed them down, and attached them together with the gold washi so I could share 3 photos instead of just one.....
{december 1st} minibook | washi {december 1st} minibook | flap
And that's pretty much it.  Have a lovely day! XO
{december 1} our tree | white {december 1} our tree | blurry


  1. I love the photography on your website and the pops of color, including this tree & your hair! Great start to your mini album this year!

  2. Looooove this. I'm inspired to do a mini book now!!!!! And how cool are the color flocked trees!!!!!

  3. that is so SUPER COOL! i've never seen a flocked tree. and I LOVE that he picked the one that matched your hair SO SWEET! look forward to following your december daily. YOU ROCK!

  4. I have never in my life seen a blue flocked tree! Love it!! Super cute idea to add the extra photos in that way!