Friday, October 31, 2014

{week in the life} thursday | 2014

Thursday was a fairly productive and yummy day.  I mostly finished up my laundry which always feels great, and so I'm ready for a fun Halloween weekend.  Ryan and I have some plans that we are really looking forward to.  Also, I didn't snap a photo of it, but made a delicious grilled cheese sandwich for dinner with fresh sliced avocado and pepper jack cheese sandwiched in the middle of two slices of cheese (and gluten free bread) and it was super tasty.  I'm going to have to remember this one. XO

Some thoughts on my Thursday:

  1. This is my favorite candle scent right now.  I'm a big fan of almond scents (and flavors), and this reminds me of almonds, apples and cinnamon!  It makes my house smell amazing!!
  2. Ryan surprised me with a coconut bubble tea.  It's our go-to flavor right now.  It was the perfect treat!
  3. I put the finishing touches on my layout from Wednesday.  Really loving those die cut leaves from Studio Calico.
  4. Ran a few errands, and it was so nice to check things off my list.  There were so many colorful trees in the parking lots of all the shops.  I had to stop and snap a pic of the pink ones ; )
  5. Ryan finished his camo project the night before and I woke up to a bunch of parts drying on our kitchen table.
  6. The last of my left over German pancake with apples and cinnamon for lunch.  SO good.
  7. Rainy day selfie.
  8. Raindrops all day today.


  1. I just love your photos. But that first one with the red maple leaves is just gorgeous. What kind of camera do you shoot with? Or were these photos all taken with phone?

    1. Thank you JK! These week in the life photos are shot with my Canon 60D. But usually the photos on my blog are a mixture with my phone too. I edit them in Photoshop with actions I created XO