Saturday, November 1, 2014

{week in the life} friday | 2014

I'm falling a little behind on my photo editing but still really enjoying this Week In The Life challenge! I can't believe tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day. Taking photos throughout the days has been mostly awesome, and only a little challenging ; ) 

Since Friday was Halloween, Ryan, the puppies and I made the trip over to the Peninsula to go trick or treating with my family.  It was pretty much the best.  Here's most of the snapshots I ended up loving.  XO

My thoughts on Friday:

  1. Still love riding on the ferry (the Walla Walla this time) to get to the Peninsula.
  2. Don't know if I'll ever get over how beautiful the drive is over to Sequim.
  3. Waiting in line to board the ferry I snapped this pick of my mask.  Ryan and I chatted, listened to music (Little Jackie), and watched a funny YouTube video.
  4. Wore my Venetian mask all day.  I keep the tag on and just tuck it into the mask when it's on my head because it's made in Venice and numbered.
  5. Ponyo just chillin' on our drive.  He likes to get as close to us in the front seats as possible.
  6. Stopped for lunch at the Flying Pickle Cafe so Ryan could get a turkey Reuben and caramel mocha.
  7. Had my little sister open her birthday present early so she could wear the leopard onesie we bought her that evening.  I also wore my new twinkle star pajamas and super soft slippers.
  8. My little sister dressed up as a hippie for trick or treating.  Downtown Sequim is the quintessential charming small town experience on Halloween.  My family came across probably 20 people they stopped and said "Hi" to while we were out.
  9. I had eaten recently so all I ordered was my favorite espresso drink right now.  A decaf amaretto breve.  Yummmm.
  10. Large scale map from in the ferry cabin.  I'm a very visual learner so this is rad.
  11. My other younger sister dressed up as The Cat In The Hat, looking as cute as ever.
  12. My adorable niece dressed up as Carol, and her papa Max from Where The Wild Things Are!  Watching her face light up as we walked around downtown Sequim was the cutest ever!!  She talked a lot as she pointed, jumped, skipped and acted like a 1 1/2 year old in heaven.

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  1. That venetian mask is GORGEOUS! And now I want to try an amaretto breve (but at this hour, it needs caff... hehe).