Friday, March 12, 2010

Creators' Circle March Make & Take Collage

Creators' Circle March Make & Take

I had been talking to my friend, April about a page like this for our Creators' Circle art journals, and finally had a chance to put one together (she helped me come up with the idea).  

For our March make and take, I sewed some pretty fabric envelopes in three different fabrics.  We attached the envelopes to a page in our art journals with ribbon, and decorated the outside with something to tuck the flap of the envelope under.  Then, we typed lyrics to our current favorite song on a piece of paper.  The idea is that your favorite song changes throughout the year, and when you look at this page, you remember that time in your life.  

For the titles of our songs, we made little banners that were sewn onto our lyric sheet.  Everyone made something different, and they turned out really great!!!  I will share the other girls finished envelopes on my next are going to love them!

Happy Friday!!!

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