Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Birthday Garland

Melanie B-Day Garland

My dear and beautiful friend, Melanie, had a birthday the other day.  I asked her if there was anything special she was wanting, and she mentioned this.....a bright paper garland.  The garland is almost 10 feet long, and was tons of fun to make.  I think she likes it because she put it up in her kitchen already,.....and sent me a picture from her phone.  It looks so whimsical hanging in her home. <3

It feels so nice, giving something handmade with lots of love to a sweet friend.  I also sewed together the mini spring butterfly garland, as a little surprise....I thought she could add it to a layout or small project.  Melanie makes such beautiful things, I know she will do something amazing with it.

To wrap her presents all together, I used another pillow box I had recently purchased from the lovely Debee Campos.  And to top it all off, I made the little tag and butterfly embellishment, so it would all match.

Happy Birthday to all you March babies!

I am sending you lots of love :)


  1. those garlands are BEAUTIFUL!!! you inspired me to make something like that for my daughters room =)

  2. that grass picture that you took in my back yard blows me away,,, it makes me feel like a cute little garden gnome,,, but with a pink hat,,, and a bow in my hair,,, i love it.
    i have a cute blog award for you, my dear,,, love youuuuu!!!