Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter

Some of my favorite things...

First of all, I have my Dad's smile.  You can see it in the photo on the top of the collage.  I love that.

Second, I absolutely fell in love with these adorable goodies I found at my local Borders.  The product line is called "Happy Noodle", by Paperchase.  I can't wait to try out the noodle bowl (on the top photo)!!!  I will be using it to hold my Lucky Charms this morning ;)  The plastic folder currently helps keep my receipts organized.....isn't it great when practical and cute meet!

Lastly, I had to add to this collage the middle photo of the Pocky.  I can't help it, they are SO yummy, and it reminds me of high school, when I first discovered them.....the chocolate are delicious, but the strawberry cream are my favorite!  Ummm....soooo gooood!!!

Have a delicious day!