Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Fern Gully Hike.....

.....was just perfect!  Green, breathtakingly beautiful, exciting, cool, and totally fun!!! 

Here are just a few of the pics (there wasn't much sunlight, so some are a little blurry).....

Fern Gully Treehouse

White Flowers

Misty View

Rope Swing!

Amber and her boyfriend were kind enough to take me and the kids on this grand adventure!.....and the kids didn't complain once......they just kept talking about how exciting it all was!!!  We had stopped at a store on the way, and each of the kids picked out their own candy.  I had them wear waterproof shoes, jackets, hoods or hats, and bring some, even though it rained a bit and they got muddy, everything worked out great!  Plus, we all saved our candy for when we arrived at the treehouse,  which was the perfect extra treat.  On the way back, we took water breaks, and a chocolate break.....walking through all that beautiful forest was exhausting but so much fun!!!  I can't wait for the end of July when I come back to Washington for a whole month, so I can do more :-)

And here is the other journal I made for Amber's birthday.  She wanted a journal for documenting all her nature hikes, their locations and descriptions, in her own words (like the one we just took to the Fern Gully Treehouse).  I sewed some butterfly fabric to the front and back sides, for a bit of the nature touch.....

Hiking Journal for Amber

See ya tomorrow for a new layout!
BIG Smile!!!


  1. rad pictures ~ so glad youve been updating your blog!! miss you!!! have a safe trip home love!!!
    p.s. ~ my word verification is *kingbobb* ~ thats kinda funny,,, the words they come up with,,, ;-)