Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We Just Keep Moving : )

I helped my sister, Amber, move into her new house on Sunday.  It was fun!  My Step-Dad let us borrow his long-bed truck, and it only took the two of us three trips, and a few hours to finish it all (except her bed and dresser).  She now lives in the middle of a dreamy bright green field, in a house with brick walls painted white, colorful flowers and plants lining the outside, and lots of windows and therefore lots of light!  It is a nice compliment to the gray white sky and green grass.  There are even some cute cows inside an old wooden fence along her driveway.....

Amber's New House

Moving Truck

View From Driveway

Later that same day, I decided to go for a walk down my Mom's was very quite and peaceful.  It was nice.....

Me On a Walk

Colorful Moss & Gravel

I also gave Amber her birthday present after dinner.  A handbound travel journal for her upcoming trip to Ireland.  She is super excited to go, and after quickly scanning though it, she immediately started adding addresses into this little book, for people she wants to mail postcards too while she is away....she seemed really happy to have a special little token from home where she will be able to jot down notes from her daily adventures there....

Handbound Travel Journal

Handbound Travel Journal Close

See you sometime tomorrow with another fun journal, and some pictures from a nature hike up to Fern Gully Lane and a Giant Treehouse!!!


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  1. that journal is amazing miss carrie ~!!!