Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lazy Afternoons With Ryan

CC *C&R* Layout

CC *C&R* Layout Collage

This is the other layout I created for our Creators' Circle meeting in May.  I remember the day in the photo well.  Ryan and I took a blanket, snacks, and books to the park.  We relaxed in the shade, and enjoyed each others company, and reading our books with a beautiful ocean view.  It was a great afternoon together : )

I wanted this layout to be fun and colorful, since the photo has such pleasant memories.  For some texture, I layered the green sticker trim over the yellow velvet ribbon.  There is also a little sewing, and the white paper heart was cut out freehand before I layered the red buttons and letters over it.

This afternoon I have a date to meet Ryan for lunch at a local coffee shop.  I'm still kinda head over heels for him......but I am also looking forward to hanging out on the coffee shop balcony with an warm drink and the cool ocean breeze.  It will be nice.  I think I'll get a vanilla chai.....it's my new favorite.....what's yours???

Have a lovely afternoon,

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  1. gorgeous layout and yeah an iced chai sounds delish!