Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thank You Summertime.....

Summer Log Pg 3

.....for giving everything that special "glow".  Normally, you and I don't get along very well.  I can't stand the heat or the blazing sun.  I would rather it be cold, wet and rainy.  Thank you for the "June Gloom", and the cool ocean breezes that has made my days so much easier.  Lately I have been enjoying all sorts of little treasures, like this adorable cupcake pair.  Pistachio and Chocolate Raspberry.  Perfectly delectable, and soooo yummy!!!  They were so cute, that I thought they deserved their own little scrapbook page in your book.  There was this cute saying at the bakery, "Forget love.....I want to fall into chocolate!"  And Mr. Pistachio totally fell for Ms. Chocolate Raspberry, so it was the perfect addition to page 3.  

Well, I'm off for another adventure.  Today I get to hang out with Miss P. at the "Eclipse" movie premiere, and I'm super excited!  Oh, and thank you summertime, for your lovely summer nights (actually, my favorite thing about summer).

<3 Carrie


  1. I completely agree with you 100% regarding the summertime ... I hate the heat!!! I would rather have it overcast with nice cool breezes ... and throw some rain into the mix, too!!

    Glad you get to see Eclipse at midnight. I'll be seeing it this weekend for sure!!

  2. i am obsessed with your style this is absolutely amazing!!! I love looking at your work wow this blows my mind the colors are just perfect and the saying so cute!!

    im jealous you get to go to the premire im driving up to la to see it with my friend i bought the game ahahha hurray and some shirts lol