Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter

Olympic Cellars Winery

Wayside Vineyard

Right now I just adore Olympic Cellars Winery.  Visiting this local winery, and drinking their delicious wine has been a real treat!!!  My mom and I have been wine tasting there twice : )  

In general I am not a big wine drinker, so finding some that I really enjoy has been a definite highlight of my trip to Washington.  Though, I'm sure it doesn't help that Ryan and I have been to a couple totally fun dinner parties (both with Italian food), were the La Dolce Vida Cabernet Sauvignon (2006), and My Sweet Syrah (2007) were served.....and I now officially have fond memories of drinking delicious wine with great friends on two wonderful summer evenings.

I even bought some of their limited edition wine to take home (La Melange Nouveau)'s infused with lavender, and the perfect refreshing summer white wine.  I can't wait to crack open a bottle in San Diego!

 .....Yes, Gloria, I'm talking about you, me, some fresh fish and veggies for dinner, and a bottle of this ertradornary wine while we catch up somewhere relaxing.....can you see it?!?!

Le Melange Nouveau

Well, tomorrow my family and I are visiting the Clallam County Fair (which I am super excited about), and then I am going to try and fit in a little trip to some of the local antique malls (I have something special to hunt for).  Tonight, I am working on some art fun with my little sister, and eating dark chocolate fudge brownie ice cream!

Happy Summertime to you!!!
Love, Carrie

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  1. I am happy to see to see you are having fun. I am so so missing you, it kinda hurts...The flowers are amazing and the lanterns too..I am so glad your with your mom..You need to be with her. I loved the pictures you sent me. I changed my number its 858-519-7307. I am going with mike to Sedona for 4 days. Get this his uncle owns a crystal rainbow store there. Fun hu! right up my alley. He has been keeping me company, its noce. oh but i do miss you lots...