Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Wedding Crafts

Soft Tissue Pompoms

It's been a while since I shared anything creative, so I though today would be a great day for sharing some of the crafts we made for Sarah's wedding.....

First, we made some soft tissue paper pompoms for hanging in the trees. Each of us girls chose different colors (except for we each made some white ones), and added our own personal touch to make each one special.  (There are 4 plus part of a 5th in the photo above.....can you spot them all?)

Beaded Lanterns

Then, we made a bunch of these colorful beaded lanterns.  Most of them were also hung in the trees, but two of them were placed on the arbor (like in the photo above).  We used battery operated tea lights (from Costco), and they worked perfectly!

I got the idea for these lanterns from Elsie's Summer Camp (online class), and all us girls just loved making them!!!  If you haven't taken one of her online classes before, I highly recommend it.  You will have SO much fun!

For the tissue paper pompoms, we just used the instructions from the Martha Stewart website HERE.  Super easy, and they turn out so cool (and huge)!  I am totally going to make more, and hang some from the ceiling in my craft area at home.....

See you tomorrow, and have a lovely day beauties!
<3 Carrie

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  1. I love the beaded lanterns, I've never taken any of Elsie's classes, but she is super creative and I love her style. Poms are so timeless looking, and a great budget friendly party decoration. I made some for the first time for my daughters bday this saturday.