Saturday, November 6, 2010

On this lovely November day.....

On this lovely day in November.....

,,,,,I met my beautiful friend Nely for espresso at the Pannikin

,,,,,We both ordered double iced white mochas

,,,,,I had no makeup on

,,,,,Black nail polish

,,,,,Wore moccasins that were a gift from my Dad (my most comfortable shoes)

,,,,,Wore one on my favorite necklaces

,,,,,We talked about scrapbooking, art, life, The Pink Ninja Addicts, Bubblegum
     Life, photography, our Christmas wish lists, dreams for the future

,,,,,As I was leaving, the chalkboard saying caught my eye (ironic that this thought
     often occupies my mind)
,,,,,There was a golden hue from the sun beginning to set that seemed to light up our

,,,,,I am thinking my weekend is off to a great start

And speaking of the weekend and golden hues, hint, hint ; ) the new Your appointment with Friday photo prompt is up at our Bubblegum Life blog,,,,,

Enjoy your time with your camera!  And give someone you love a big kiss (or hug) this weekend!!!
<3 Carrie


  1. what a great quote. when i read that in your photograph it stopped my mind dead in its tracks. thank you for this. it will def be swirling around inside me today.

  2. Aww I miss Pannikin! I haven't been in years!

    ~The Mama Monster