Monday, November 8, 2010

Project Monday

It really seems time is passing us by so quickly.  That's why I believe we are given Autumn Hues.  It seems to me, autumn is a reminder from nature that says...stop.  Look at me.  I am beautiful.  I love the richness of color that surrounds us during this season.  My two favorite hues are rich mustard yellow and turquoise. That dark turquoise that feels like night time.....

Gloiria's *Autumn Hues* Layout

My layout is a little busy, like my life right now.  It has the Hambly rub-on tree.  (love this tree).  I also included a page from The new Anthropologie catalog because it feels rich in color.  Then I just felt my way around the paper until it felt like I created my perfect Autumn layout.  Lots of little leaves, an owl for some personality with bling.  Then's done...Happy Crafting.....

Gloria's *Autumn Hues* Journaling

Gloria's *Autumn Hues* Title


Originally I had decided to do a different project with my Autumn Hues photos, like make some little notebooks or tags.  But the more I looked at my photo collage, I knew I wanted to print it out onto transparency.  There was something about the way the colors were captured with the depth of the transparency and the white paper layered under it that felt like it was jumping off the paper.  Like it had something to say.  So, I ended up creating this 12x12 layout, but to me, with an art journal page feel...

Carrie's *Autumn Hues* Layout

I've never really made a layout or even art journal page like this before, and it was fun and easy.  I like that.  When I started out designing this project, not having watercolors proved to problematic.  But, I am very resourceful (and stubborn), so I ended up watering down a red liquid acrylic paint, magenta ink, and to make the purplish color, I mixed the magenta with a blue.....also watered down.  Then I just painted them onto the paper with large splatters that merged together.  Dabbed the extra liquid with a paper towel, and let it dry.  It ended up warping the paper quite a bit, so to get it mostly strait again I ironed it on high with a cloth between the iron and paper so it wouldn't burn.  Once I added the journaling and sewing, it straightened out even more.

Journaling is also something I rarely do just in general, so this layout feels a little special to me.....

Carrie's *Autumn Hues* Details

See you tomorrow with the Bubblegum Sketches of our layouts!  Happy Monday!!!

Love, Gloria and Carrie


  1. Im in love with your projects!!,, they are absolutely beautiful!! thank you for having bubblegum life!!

  2. these layouts are perfection!!!! love them both!!! the blog looks amazing ladies ~ sadly, this is my first time on here,,, havent opened my laptop for a really, really long time!!!!