Monday, November 8, 2010

White Hot Chocolate at Sunset

*Hot Chocolate at Sunset*

Spent a lovely evening walking along the La Jolla Shores at sunset last night.  Will share some pretty pink photos from the sunset tomorrow : )

I have decided that this November I am going to try and work on finding more balance in my life.  Let things just be when they need to.  But take charge and make life what I want of it.  Not over analyze.  Be more understanding.  Less controlling.  More peaceful (which is hard for me to do while being so busy).

My Project Monday layout for example may not be beautiful or have much character to some, but I have never done a layout like this before and I feel like it's a stepping stone.  A starting point to trying something new.  Whatever it is, that's where my creativity took me and I accept that.  You can see it over at our Bubblegum Life blog.....

Lots of love,


  1. carrie, I love your layout!!,, I think it's beautiful! It's simple, and sometimes, less is more! I love how you have an almost water like feel to it! It's a very calming layout!!,,i love it!!!

  2. I am at a very similar place with myself. I've been playing around with small paintings lately which is a stretch for me. But I'm allowing myself to let go of the control and let things come as they will. At the same time, I'm seeing the importance of claiming what I want in bigger ways with the universe.

    Happy thursday!