Monday, February 7, 2011

Project Monday

Hi beauties, and welcome to another Project Monday!!!  Today we're going to start off with our lovely February guest, Kristine.  Here is her awesome project and some sweet thoughts.....

Hello there Bubblegum Life readers and happy Monday!  I am so excited to see everyone's projects.  For my "Time to Love Yourself" project I created a scrapbook layout.  I love scrapbooking, I think it is a wonderfully personal way to preserve cherished memories.  I'm a big fan of scrapping the little things too.  The things you won't typically remember about yourself and your loved ones in five years when your crack open the photo album.....

 I decided I wanted my layout to have an instructional approach.  So I created numbered steps to go along with each of my photos.  I printed my photos really tiny so I could fit them all on the page with out being too cluttered.  I am a mis-matched eclectic kind of girl, and I think my pages reflect that.  Can't wait to see your projects!

-XO. K.


And here's Gloria's project.....

This layout ended up feeling a little bit like a love letter.....I know there is not a lot of words but if you ever felt completely passionate about something, and if you felt your love for it in your inner being and then it turned out to be good for you too.....that's what my loving myself passion ended up being.  My way of loving myself has to do with my love for running.  You don't need much, just a pair of tennis shoes and socks and go.

I did a Valentine to running layout.  A picture of a heart drawn in the sand and my running shoes next to it.  Then I added clouds because I can honestly say my head is in the clouds when I run.  Polka-dot ribbon because its happy, and then glimmer mist because it has sparkles.  Sounds perfect.  Do you have something you tried this week to love and honor yourself?  Please share....and if you didn't, try a quick walk or run.  I am telling you its a mood lifter.....

And here's what I ended up making for my project.....

This week I printed out my photos, sat back and thought about what scrapbook products I love right now.  Here is what I came up with.....

*Time to Love Myself* Project

I knew I wanted to use an ATC page protector as the basis for my project.  I think it's because right now I like the idea of having an entire album from 2011 that documents my year.  With layouts, ATCs, movie tickets, plane tickets, etc.....I ended up leaving the last row empty and either plan on cutting it off or adding my actual plane ticket or whatever from my flight.  Next, I looked trough my stash of Color Me Miki product and picked out the green and white bakers twine, this super cute fabric, the Hambly white graph overlay and bright red alphas.  Last I just picked out more papers to layer, and then used my favorite butterflies and hearts to make my "Time to Love Yourself" project one that I currently adore : )

*Time to Love Myself* Project Pieces

Love, Kristine, Gloria and Carrie


  1. Oh I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow so I can work on mine!! Thanks girls!!

  2. Beautiful layouts, and that's a great idea Carrie! :)

  3. Lovely layouts ladies! I love how your both so passionate about your loves.