Friday, February 4, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

Thanks for joining us this lovely first weekend of February!  Today we have a fun new photo prompt courtesy of our sweet guest, Kristine.....

Time to Love Yourself.

Hello Bubblegum Life readers, my name is Kristine Toward and I am the author of my personal blog called Mooninmygarden well as my Etsy shop of the same name.  I absolutely love Carrie and Gloria's Project Monday so I am especially thrilled to be here today as a guest blogger.  I love blogging, I think it is fantastic for the creative soul.

The prompt I chose this week is "Time to Love Yourself".  Stepping out of the holiday season straight into  New Year's goals often leaves us lacking a little pamper time for ourselves.  I know I spent most of the holiday season planning, making things, and shopping for my loved ones, but spent little time on myself.  And my New Year's goals are barely getting off the ground, yet I find myself about to head into another holiday for loved ones.

I don't know about you, but it makes me feel like taking a little break for me.  So this weeks prompt brings our focus to ourselves.  What do you do to make yourself feel good?  What are the little things that help relax your body and mind?  Do you treat yourself to a little shopping trip?  Or perhaps enjoy a nice glass of wine?  Maybe just curling up with a good book for a bit…

For me, it was a much needed pedicure.  I am running around on my feet most of the day, so nothing shows myself a little love like pampering my own feet.  Even though its winter and my toes are all covered up, It still makes me feel pretty to have them polished.  Here is a step by step to an easy at home pedicure:

1. Gather supplies.  Polish, Polish Remover, Pumice Stone, Foot Scrub, Moisturizer, File, Sea Salt, Essential Oil, Milk, Hot Water, Bowl.

2. Fill bowl with hot water.  Add a couple drops of essential oil.  Add sea salt and a bit of milk (to help loosen dead skin cells) soak for 10-20 minutes and your feet will come out so soft.

 3. Scrub with foot scrub, use pumice stone on any particularly rough spots.  Rinse.

4. Buff, trim, file.  Moisturize.

5. Polish.

6. Show them off!

So take a little time for yourself this weekend, you deserve it.  Then come back on Monday and share your project with us on Flickr. I look forward to everyone's amazing ideas, I'm sure we will all discover new ways to pamper ourselves. -XO K.


And here's Gloria's take.....

Ever since I decided (16 years ago) to have children, making time for myself is a gift I take.  I really liked this prompt because it reminds me of how important it is for me to take time to love myself.  Every girl I think, has her little pampering tradition.  I have a couple but the one that i would not trade for anything in the world is running.  I have to a make time for this because I can't do it at home.  I need to vacate the premises to run.  It has become the way I love myself.  I dont do it to lose weight, I dont do it to be the best or the fastest.  I do it simply because It makes me feel so good to run.  That time that I spend running is only mine.  It's time feeling the cold air, singing my favorite song, dancing and feeling free.  It's how I love myself.  I make time to do something I know is good for my body and in return it makes me happy happy!


And my photos.....

A trip in the Springtime!

I love this photo prompt because it really got me thinking.  There are little things I do for myself everyday.  Like start off my morning with a yummy cup of tea, or occasionally take time to create a piece of art just for me......but what is that something special?  That something special that I have done just because I wanted to be good to myself?  Well, I bought a plane ticket to visit Sequim in the springtime, and I am ecstatic!  Three whole weeks of family, fun, rain, cool weather, and nature!!!  And I am counting the days!  I've already planned a Seattle day trip with my Mom, and some fun dates with my Dad.  I wish Ryan could go too, but he was insistent on me taking this time because he believes I need it just as much as I do.  I love him so much for that.  So the photos above are me being happy, taking time to love myself.  Time for me to be with my family that loves me so much, and time to be a part of a small town with the biggest charm : )

Love, Kristine, Gloria and Carrie

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