Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello March

*Hello March*

March means springtime.  March means bubbles.  March means new adventures with my brother and sisters in Washington.  Large fields and tall grass.  Rainbows.  Arts and crafts at my Mom's kitchen table.  Brownies from the Bell Street Bakery.  Lots and lots of nature photography.  Listening to music with my Dad.  March means refreshment.  March means more time with my dearest friend.  March means the start of my non-planner datebook and handmade art journals.  Colorful markers and pens.  More dates with Ryan and bows in my hair.  Family and smiles.  Sharing the grace I hope I will have.  Letting myself be sad, believing and loving life.  March means dancing in the rain.  Being sweet.  Seeing more.  March means light. <3 Carrie

(Photo of Nely from our magical weekend photoshoot.  Post inspired by the lovely Kara.)

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  1. holy moly - I wantted to see the pictures badly before - now with this teaser I wanna see them BADLY!!!! looks amazing!!!!! I'm jealous!!