Friday, March 18, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

Hello Friday!  Thanks for stopping by today : )  Our special guest, Kelly Purkey is sharing a cool new photo prompt, that will really get you thinking!  Here it is, along with her spectacular photo.....

Looking Up

When my friend came to visit, she requested a trip to a museum so I immediately thought of the Guggenheim because I'd never been inside.  I love art museums and admiring the paintings, sculptures, photographs... but I have to say the most incredible sight in the museum is the view looking up.  The sun shines through the window and the circular architecture is just so cool.  I always spend so much time just looking around and it was a perfect reminder to look up.  Sometimes the view is spectacular!

And here is my photo.....

*Looking Up*

Ever since Kelly chose the prompt Looking Up I have been looking up right and left, and just not seeing anything that I really wanted to remember.....until yesterday, when I was jaunting around Seattle with my sister Amber, and saw this beautiful totem!  Perfect!!!  I snapped my photo with a big smile : )  I think they are so cool.  I wonder what story this one tells?  All that lovely weather worn wood, the pale colors and detail in the much character.  When you look up, what do you see or want to remember?

Love, Kelly and Carrie

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