Monday, April 25, 2011

Project Monday

Happy Monday to you : )  First to share her project today is our lovely, talented, beautiful guest, Ally*Cakes.....

when i went to create this layout, i was so inspired by a conversation that nely and i had a day or so earlier,,, we both have this crazy {ahem} obsession with these adorable charms and embellishments,, she had said what a great idea to create a layout with only these precious treasures that we hoard,,,  so i thought this prompt would be so fun to create a layout with just those,,, not to mention, carrie did ask me if i were to create a layout in only one color, which color would that be,,, i just had to prove i really, really meant it!!!

thanks again carrie!!!
{xoxo} ally*cakes


Isn't she just adorable!?!  Ally's scrapbooking is always so fun and inspirational!  Thanks so much Ally for sharing a super fun photo prompt and your awesome layout!!!  

For my project this week here is my finished Spring 2011 album using instax photos.....there is one page/photo for each day I was in Washington.....and here is an idea of what it looks like (there would be like 30 photos if I shared every page).....I hope you like : )

*Spring Album* Cover

I used the clips below to attach movie stubs, business cards, etc.....

*Spring Album* Clips

*Spring Album*

Each day is a page with a photo and journaling that summarizes my day.  I had to keep things simple since this project was created and completed while I was traveling.....

*Bell Street Bakery*

The instax photos are attached to each page with the decorative tapes from Color Me Miki......

*Spring Album* Family

And the page below is a list of my LOVES for Spring this year (you can also see the green envelope popping out from behind a couple layers in the photo holds extra instax photos from my trip).....

*Spring Loves*

*Spring Album* Layers

I had to keep the pages as thin as possible so everything would fit, so there is mostly just photos, and journaling with some layered paper/sticker borders.....And the page below is very special since I spent most of that day with my Grandpa.  He told Amber and I stories about his life and we looked at all his old black and white photos.  The instax below is of his graduation photo and on the opposite page are some notes I jotted down.....things he told me about his life that I wanted to remember.....

*My Grandpa*

*Benji and Vader*

*Spring Album* Edges

And in case you didn't already know, I created this handbound journal that holds it all during a lovely afternoon of crafting with my baby brother and sister <3

*Spring Album* Handbound

Have a great week everyone!
Love, Carrie and Ally


  1. thanks again for having me,, this project was so fun to create!! I aodre your art journal!!!!!

  2. carrie I love it!! you should teach us how to do that handbinding technique! that mini is amazing!

  3. oh ally, it was so fun having you!!! and thanks everyone for your sweet comments : ) val, there is a really cute tutorial on creating your own handbound book here:

    enjoy! <3 Carrie

  4. thanks so much carries for sending me the link! off to check it out now!