Sunday, November 20, 2011

{week in the life} tuesday

{tuesday} snack
I decided to get my butt in gear with editing more of my Week In The Life photos before Thanksgiving arrives, so here's my Tuesday, October 18th : )

One of my favorite Halloween snacks is candy corn mixed with honey roasted peanuts! And I thought that today would be the perfect day to capture some of the Halloween ambiance that adds a bit of happy to my days at home. At one point I decided to relax and watch a movie. Creature From The Black Lagoon is one of my favorite black and white monster series!!!  I love all three movies!

{tuesday} fun
I had just planted my mums the day before and took some photos of their cheerful color.....

{tuesday} sunshine {tuesday} happy {tuesday} more flowers {tuesday} flowers | puppy playing
Ponyo and I played in the backyard, and Gatsby stopped by for a visit. Here's Ponyo giving him some love.....

{tuesday} puppy love
For lunch I made seasoned tater tot tacos with cheese eggs and fresh salsa.....

{tuesday} lunch
In the evening, I fed the puppies and worked on crafts while Ryan played video games.....

{tuesday} puppy snacks {tuesday} crafts {tuesday} evening

Not a whole lot happened today, but I think I took more photos this day than any other during the week. I also have some really great notes that I jotted down about my my favorite memory was talking music with Ryan, and I noticed how much the puppies love to play together when Ryan is hanging out with them on the floor, and that Ryan laughed from enjoying the time he shared playing X-box Live with his cousin who lives in stuff like that.  I am very thankful for this chance to remember such wonderful times.  <3 Carrie


  1. ooo!! i'm going to have to try those tater tot tacos! they sound/look good.

  2. Valentine's Day was 2 days ago and this is getting me in the mood for the holiday season? How many more months? lol Those candy corn and peanuts look delish too!